Press Statement—Committee Assignments

 Chair Garnet Coleman on Committee Assignments

“Earlier today Speaker Joe Straus announced the committee assignments that each House member will have during the 85th Texas Legislature.  I am pleased and humbled to be reappointed Chair of the County Affairs Committee and to continue my service on the Public Health Committee.

As Chair, I look forward to ensuring the committee process meets the standards of the Texans we serve, remaining open, inclusive, and productive.

Every Texan deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare and I’ll continue fighting to ensure they obtain it. I’m pleased to work with Governor Abbott to find a Texas Way to address the coverage gap and decrease the rate of uninsured in our state, currently the highest in the nation. We’ve made great progress in improving public health policy, which I’m encouraged to preserve and build upon this session.  Furthermore, I’m eager to continue to discuss the recommendations set out by the County Affairs Committee, and find solutions to the most pressing problems in Texas; including Child Protective Services and Criminal Justice Reform.

In a statement regarding his committee assignments, Speaker Straus expressed that “we want to utilize Members’ strengths and allow them to work on issues that matter to their districts”. I agree with Speaker Straus and look forward to working with the members on the Committee. The thoughtful approach the Speaker took in making his choices shines through, and I’m confident his leadership will steward the House to new heights of productivity this session.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve you and District 147 during the 85th Legislature. If there’s anything my staff and I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to call our Capitol office:(512)-463-0524.”

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