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For House District 147: Garnet F. Coleman
The longtime representative knows how to pass good bills and kill bad ones.

EDITORIAL BOARD | February 17, 2018

After 27 years on the job, state Rep. Garnet F. Coleman, 56, knows his way around the Texas Legislature about as well as anybody there and better than most. He’s a liberal Democrat in a sea of conservative Republicans who manages to get a surprising number of things done.

“Some people know how to kill bills, some people know how to pass bills. I know how to do both,” he told the editorial board.

In the last legislative session, he introduced the Sandra Bland Act to address issues from Bland’s tragic 2015 arrest and imprisonment that ended in her suicide in the Waller County Jail. His bill didn’t get out of committee, but state Sen. John Whitmire put up a Senate version that excised the offensive parts and got it passed into law.

Coleman has a long history of working on issues of mental and physical health and of seeking funds for the University of Houston and Texas Southern University, both in his district, which extends from downtown southeast past Hobby Airport.

He also says the state needs a revolving fund like the water development fund that local governments can tap into for flood control projects.

His opponent, former U.S. Marine Daniel Espinoza, 43, says his main objective is to help the poor in the largely minority district. He is well-meaning, but needs to learn more about the issues.

Coleman, with a long record of helping those who cannot help themselves and the experience to push his agenda forward against a strong conservative headwind, gets our endorsement.

The winner in this Democratic primary will face Republican candidate Thomas Wang in the fall.


I would like to thank all of the groups and elected officials who have endorsed me for re-election. Please see below for a complete list.

Houston Black American Democrats
Texas Coalition of Black Democrats – Harris County
Harris County Tejano Democrats
Area 5 Democrats
Texas State Teachers Association
American Federation of Teachers
Harris County Young Democrats
Houston Stonewall Young Democrats
Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC
Planned Parenthood Texas Votes PAC
Bay Area New Democrats
Houston Police Officers’ Union PAC

Texas Farm Bureau
Texas Medical Association (TEXPAC)
Texas Health Care Association
Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN)

Elected Officials
Rep. Senfronia Thompson
Commissioner Rodney Ellis
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
Rep. Jessica Farrar
Rep. Alma Allen
Rep. Hubert Vo
Rep. Ana Hernandez
State Sen. Borris Miles
Rep. Armando Walle
Rep. Carol Alvarado
Rep. Gene Wu
Rep. Ron Reynolds
Rep. Mary Ann Perez
State Sen. Sylvia Garcia
Rep. Shawn Thierry
Rep. Eric Johnson

Early Voting in Texas Primaries Begins TOMORROW 2/20

Early voting in Texas begins tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 20. I encourage you to vote early as lines are typically shorter and you can vote at any polling location. Click here to find a polling location close to you. Remember to bring a valid form of photo ID with you to the polls. Click here for a list of approved forms of ID.

Early Voting Hours
T-F, Feb. 20-23 | 8am-4:30pm
Sat., Feb. 24 | 7am-7pm
Sun., Feb. 25 | 1pm-6pm
M-F, Feb. 26-March 2 | 7am-7pm

Election Day is Tuesday, March 6th.

Please read below for my list of endorsements for the Democratic Primary.

U.S. Representative
District 29: Sylvia Garcia

State Senator
District 15: John Whitmire

State Representatives
District 27: Ron Reynolds
District 137: Gene Wu
District 139: Eric Johnson
District 140: Armando Walle
District 141: Senfronia Thompson
District 142: Harold V. Dutton, Jr.
District 143: Ana Hernandez
District 144: Mary Ann Perez
District 145: Carol Alvarado
District 146: Shawn Thierry
District 148: Jessica Farrar
District 149: Hubert Vo

Saving the Astrodome

I applaud the Harris County Commissioner’s Court decision to save and transform the Astrodome. The Astrodome is so much more than a “cherished piece of Houston’s sporting history,” it is a symbol of Houston. The Astrodome symbolizes Houston’s can-do attitude to do the impossible. The Astrodome is rightfully referred to as the eighth wonder of the world because before its construction a domed air-conditioned stadium of its size was something out of science-fiction. The Astrodome along with Houston’s space program is what puts Houston on the global map. Tearing down the Astrodome would have been tearing down part of something that makes Houston great.

Sandra Bland exhibit open until 2/28 at Houston Museum of African-American Culture

The Houston Museum of African-American Culture is celebrating the life of Ms. Sandra Bland during Black History Month with an interactive exhibit.

The exhibit runs until February 28. See below for hours and details. Click here for more information.

Houston Museum of African-American Culture
4807 Caroline Houston, Texas 77004

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 11a-6pm

Thursday: 11am-8pm

Friday, Saturday: 11am-6pm

General Admission to the museum is free, however donations are accepted.

(713) 526-1015

Our song of the week is “Angel Down” by Lady Gaga.

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