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Today is the last day to vote early in the flood bond election. I encourage you to vote early as lines are typically shorter and you can vote at any polling location. Click here to find a polling location close to you. Remember to bring a valid form of ID with you to the polls. Click here for a list of approved forms of ID.

ELECTION DAY: Sat. Aug. 25: 7am-7 pm

I support the flood bond projects for many reasons, but particularly because special attention has been paid to the people of Houston and Harris County, who have been overlooked in past public works projects. A special election will be held on August 25th to approve the sale of $2.5 billion in bonds for flood risk reduction projects throughout Harris County.

When reviewing the proposed projects, I was pleased to see that there are multiple projects proposed for House District 147. This includes storm repairs along Brays Bayou, Buffalo Bayou, and Clear Creek, as well as the storm water detention basin along Sims Bayou. There are also many other projects in communities of color and working-class communities in the plan.Additionally, there is money earmarked in the bond language to ensure that infrastructure investments are made in low-income areas to prevent flooding and that funding is equitably distributed. I am confident that the more than 150 potential projects will make a major difference in preventing flood damage for everyone in District 147 and Harris Countyincluding people of color and working-class families.

I also support the bond because the nexus of bond projects proposed have been shown to work on Sims Bayou.Implementing the correct solutions that have proven to be successful to Sims Bayou across Harris County’s 23 watersheds will make a major impact on reducing flood damage to homes all over Harris County.

Furthermore, approving the $2.5 billion lump sum will put Harris County in a better situation to stretch those dollars further by potentially getting matching funds from Washington. It is vital that we make these investments now before another major flooding disaster happens.


Additionally, the cost of the bonds for the individual taxpayer is very small. According to Harris County’s Budget Management Department, “If passed, the bond issue would result in an overall tax rate increase of 2-3 cents per $100 assessed valuation–meaning that most homeowners would see an increase of no more than 1.4 percent in their property taxafter all bonds were sold. (Homeowners with an over-65 or disabled exemption and a home assessed at $200,000 or less would pay no additional taxes.)” I know that budgets are tight for many of us, but the bond projects are a wise investment that will prevent future losses.


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