Come Together

I want to again invite everyone to attend or watch the House Committee on County Affairs’ oversight hearing this coming Tuesday. To view the notice click here, and to watch the hearing live click here. At the oversight hearing the committee will continue to discuss county jail standards, inmate care, training, coordination among different local and state agencies, the Sandra Bland case, and other recent jail suicides that have occurred in the state. We will build upon our previous discussion with a focus on how to best implement solutions.

To get solutions that work, we all need to come together. This means different local and state agencies, and organizations working together to implement more holistic approaches. Also, a recognition that our many goals are not mutually exclusive – one does not need to be sacrificed for another one to be achieved. An understanding that identifying areas of improvement is not an indictment on those who are doing their best.

This hearing will not be the last, the Committee on County Affairs will continue to meet and work towards solutions with all Texans. In the spirit of working together to solve the challenges that we face, the song of the week is “Come Together” by The Beatles. This Patriot’s Day we as a nation also come to send our hearts and prayers to all those who lost somebody on that tragic day 14 years ago, and to those who have served and are serving to protect our nation.

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