(Houston) – The past several days, Rep. Garnet Coleman has worked closely with human services officials to quicken the re-opening of the Health and Human Services Commission office at 6118 Scott. Because of Rep. Coleman’s advocacy, the office opened this past Sunday, September 20. Rep. Coleman also advocated strongly for power to be restored to the Fuqua and Lockwood offices (the Fuqua office is now open and the Lockwood office should be opening soon).  More Houstonians can now replenish food lost in their refrigerator with assistance from the state and federal government.

“I’ve been in constant contact with state human services officials the past few days advocating for the opening of more offices in Houston. I am happy to report that state officials responded quickly and the office on Scott Street was opened several days ahead of schedule,” said Representative Coleman.

Rep. Coleman has also been on the phone every day with Centerpoint since Saturday morning following the storm, advocating for a restoration of power to lower-income communities in District 147 and beyond. Rep. Coleman has worked to have power restored to nursing homes and senior centers without power in Houston.

“The power at my house is out, and the power at my mother’s house is out,” said Representative Coleman. “But it’s more important to me that Centerpoint restores power for my constituents in need rather than for myself.”

Rep. Coleman also said he is ready to assist with any insurance-related questions or issues that may arise for his constituents. The Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Help Line can provide assistance at 1-800-252-3439, or Rep. Coleman’s district office is ready assist Houstonians with their needs at 713-520-5355.

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