Water restrictions are a reality for all Texans today, and with no end in sight, I am working harder than ever to address this crisis. You’ve likely seen the impact of these prohibitions directly in the form of not being served water at a restaurant, or not being able to wash a vehicle at home.

What if there was a way to not only curb these ever-increasing water restrictions, but also to better conserve the water that Texas uses? Proposition 6 will do that, and I need you to help spread the work to vote YES on Prop 6 on November 5th. Prop 6 is a constitutional amendment to fund a State Water Plan that will allow Texas to remain a leader in economic development, job growth and opportunity.

Tell Water Texas PAC how your life has been affected by the water restrictions: http://www.watertexas.com/water-restrictions-how-do-they-impact-texans


Visit the website to learn more or LIKE the Facebook page and Follow on Twitter, then tell us what you rely on water for.

Thank you for your support of Prop 6!

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