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As the senior member of the Texas House Public Health Committee and member of President Obama’s Working Group of State Legislators for Health Reform, Representative Coleman is one of the most well-known and respected healthcare voices in the state.

Ever since becoming elected, he has been working toward achieving universal access to affordable healthcare for all Texans. This dream has come closer to being realized with the help of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. He will continue working to ensure that we have the best, most affordable care possible. Addressing health disparities, in the areas of primary care and mental health is and will continue to be one of his top priorities

LGBT Issues
Representative Coleman is a fierce supporter of LGBT rights. He is proud to represent the neighborhood of Montrose, a traditionally gay Houston neighborhood. He believes in equality for all; discrimination in any form is unacceptable. No one should be unable to get married, raise a child, or serve their country on account of their sexual orientation. In recognition of his passionate support of LGBT causes, Legislative Queery gave Representative Coleman the highest grade for watching out for the best interest of the gay community. They wrote that “it’s no surprise that [Representative Coleman] voted in the best interests of the queer community for all nine of the record votes considered in these rankings…[w]hat put him over the top was authoring seven pro-LGBT bills or amendments this session .”

Community Neighborhoods
Houston is a great, thriving city with many historic neighborhoods. Representative Coleman’s district contains Third Ward (his home and where he was born and raised), parts of Montrose, the Fourth Ward/Freedmenstown, Southpark, Midtown, Sunnyside, and more. It is imperative that we maintain the character of these unique communities. While he promotes and encourages economic development, he is committed to ensuring that this development does not kick out the people and families that make up their current neighborhoods.

In America, education is the Great Equalizer. Perhaps no other issue is more important than ensuring that all Texas children have access to quality education from kindergarten throughout college. Education needs to be affordable and not just available to those who can pay.

Moreover, everyone should be able to obtain a college degree. The numbers are clear: those who graduate college are much more likely to obtain good jobs. Representative Coleman is committed to reversing the Republican funding cuts from the last session and restoring adequate funding for Texas children.

Gun Control
There is no reason we cannot have reasonable gun laws that allow responsible adults to protect themselves and their families but also prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. Texas currently has very few rules regarding who can purchase a gun. Representative Coleman supports reasonable measures, such as waiting periods and gun registration, that do not prevent law-abiding citizens from owning guns but do discourage unlawful gun use/ownership.

Moreover, Texas has gone too far with its “shoot first; ask questions later” laws on the books. As the tragic incident of Trayvon Martin illustrated, these laws place innocent people, particularly youths, at risk. Representative Coleman supports the individual’s right to self-defense, but we need to be sure to not give individuals the right to be judge, jury, and executioner.